• Extensive range of solutions

  • Compactness

  • Efficiency up to 96.5%

  • High power availability

  • Smart battery management

  • Maximum reliability

  • Flexibility of use

  • Graphic touch screen display

10 - 20 KVA 

Monofásico / Trifásico


The rapid evolution of IT technologies, augmented focus on environmental matters and complexity of critical applications are demanding more flexible, efficient, secure and interconnected power protection solutions. The Sentryum 10-20 kVA/kW offers the best combination of power availability, energy efficiency and global performance ensuring installation and running cost savings. It is the very latest Riello UPS

development resulting in a thirdgeneration transformer-free UPS, originally introduced into the market overtwenty years ago.

This ultimate solution is rated at output power factor 1 and defined as ON LINE double conversion technology in accordance

with VFI-SS-111 classification (as set out in standard IEC EN 62040-3). The Sentryum series is a transformer-free UPS

available in 10-15-20 kVA/kW models with three-phase/single-phase input and single-phase output,  

and 10-15-20 kVA/kW models with three-phase input and output.


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